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JSC “NRI “Electron”


   JSC “NRI “Electron” – basic scientific center, the leading enterprise of Russia in the development and manufacture of photoelectronic devices. The company was founded in 1956 by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Laureate of Lenin and State Prizes George S. Wildgrube



1. Development and production of solid-state array and linear photoelectron television devices from UV to IR regions of spectra with pixel number up to 2000õ4000; up to 12000;
2. Creating of highly sensitive, portable modules on the basis of produced CCD in UV, visible and IR spectrum regions.
3. Development and production of television photoelectronic devices and photomultipliers (PMT) for UV, visible and IR spectrum regions;
4. Design and manufacture of non-standard technological and measuring equipment;
5. Test of television photoelectronic devices in accordance with GOST.
   Manufactured devices are used in television cameras of applied television, for monitoring and review in areas of limited access of personnel (nuclear plants, reactors, etc.).
Also the devices of our company are widely used :
  • in space systems;
  • in nuclear physics, high energy physics, etc.;
  • in photo- and spectrometry of faint light fluxes;
  • in ecology, biophysics, medicine, etc;
  • geology and geophysics.


JSC “NRI “Electron” also provides the following services

...Technological capabilities and services


  The institute consists of: 5 research and production complex divisions (RPCD), workshops, testing center, the staff of high qualified specialists, including 18 Candidates and Doctors of Science. A number of Institute leading specialists have been rewarded State Prizes. Institute staff is actively replenished by young professionals.
    The Institute has 35 thousand m2 of laboratory and production area; computer park and laboratory equipment for development, modeling and design of devices and complex products; special laboratories with appropriate equipment for device measurements and tests.



   Intellectual property of the Institute is 1000 patents and more than 700 publications, articles, reports, and also the results of research and development.
     The Institute constantly maintains relations with large organizations of RAS (Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Kurchatov Nuclear Energy Institute, General Physics Institute, Space Research Institute, etc.), as well as Scientific Centers and Industria Enterprises in Russia and CIS countries. It has contracts of strategic partnership with Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University.
   The Institute presents successful foreign-economic activity with countries in Europe and South-East Asia.


• Creation of television photoelectronic devices for security systems, industry, transport, scientific and commercial aerospace programs, including the first ever transmissions of images of the Moon dark side and the Venus surface, the Lunokhod control, Earth systems of sputniks and space stations with a man on board flight control.

•Design and manufacture of the CCD image sensors which provided such projects as interplanetary missions to the Halley Comet and to the Mars (The Vega Project and the Phobos Project)..

•Design and serial production of color transmitting television tubes for more than 80 broadcast centers of the former USSR.

•Development of a number of CCDs with the number of pixels 520×580, 760×580, 1024×1024, 1024×1152, 4096×4096, including the devices with virtual phase, low-level control and electronic gates, and also CCDs with improved radiation resistance. Simultaneously the original designs of linear CCDs were created.

•Participation in several International Projects. Development of magnetic-resistant photomultipliers, which are necessary for investigations of particle and nuclear interaction at ultra-high energy, provided the Institute participation in International Programs on creation of Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

•At the International Exhibition in Brussels dactyloscope TV system was twice awarded with a Gold medal, and the MN-201P night vision device was awarded with a Silver medal.

•Currently “NRI “Electron” focuses on the development of new photoelectronic devices and systems for UV, visible and IR spectrum ranges.

JSC “NRI “Electron” is among the contractors on the FTP “Development of electronic component base and radio electronics”.

The licence of Roscosmos ¹ 697K dated June 27, 2007, authorizes OJSC “NRI “Electron” to carry out the development of photoelectronic devices, unified thermovision modules, image intensifiers, and night-vision equipment (EKPS, groups 58 and 59) for space systems

JSC “NRI “Electron” has a system of quality management, developed in accordance with the requirements of GOST PB 0015-002-2012 for the development and production of products of 5855, 5960, 5961 EKPS classes.

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