JSC NRI Electron Photoelectronic Devices and Systems
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Technological capabilities and services


JSC NRI "Electron" has successful experience in the development and manufacture of electronic tubes, solid-state photosensitive devices and based-on modules.
NRI "Electron" also provides the following services:

  • Production of fine metal meshes by an electroplating and photolithography method with a pitch from 10 to 3 um and thickness from 3 um and more;
  • Production of flat wafers of any type of glass with flatness not worse than 3-5 fringes (e.g. for vacuum and solid state device input windows);
  • Production of vacuum device glass envelopes components (cylinders, stems, bulbs);
  • Design and manufacture of special fixtures, gauges, dies and moulds with use of metal working equipment;

For development and production of modern electronic devices the enterprise has available the following advanced technologies:

  • Basic bipolar planar technique for production of structures based on monocrystal silicon (projection photolithography, layer plasma etching, ion doping, gaseous phase;
  • Basic technique of monolayer structures production by a method of one layer at a time deposition in vacuum (e.g. for photosensitive devices);
  • Technique of device manufacture on manipulator type automatic equipment, permitting to fulfil a sequence of technology operations in 10-10 mm Hg vacuum without withdrawel the product from an operation chamber of the equipment (technology of transfer in vacuum);
  • Gaseous epitaxy technology with use of metallo-organics (MOCVD epitaxy) for forming of A3B5 structures;
  • Magnetron and electron-beam plasma deposition technology of metal, semiconductor and dielectric thin layers of wide material range on various kind substrates;
  • Different material connectoin technology by the method of welding (laser, microplasma, high-frequency, electrocontact) for manufacture of device units and assemblies;
  • Technology of fire, high-frequency and laser welding-up of glass units, used for manufacture of vacuum device envelopes;
  • Technology of parts and units electro-erosion treatment, used for forming of electrode configuration on vacuum device glass bulbs.

JSC “NRI Electron” invites your enterprise to mutual collaboration.